Saturday, 29 June 2013

Update #5

OK the fun starts!
Some of the testers have found that RLV disabled disables a few unexpected other things?
Also some of you who don’t use RLV don’t want to see the menu in the top toolbar!

I have RLV enabled by default again. If you don’t wear or use any RLV scripted objects RLV being enabled will have no effect on you!

I have also added the option to easy show or hide the RLV menus so if you’re not using RLV you can hide the menu, if you are using RLV you can show or hide the RLV menu that’s up to you!

Good News!
So far that’s the only problem found which is a Bonus! So let’s see how it goes now?

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Update #4

Returned to Plan A!

Now re-skinned to use the default skin from UKanDo 1, I will add the other 2 skins later.
The LL auto updater has also been removed!

I'm now at that happy place - A rebranded rebadged standard viewer with the added bonus of already having added RLV.

B4 I add a download page these a few things I want to add to get it to a point that I want to use it again, so will make a start on that over the next few days.

Those who are testing it for me, it’s in Dropbox! The others who want to use UKanDo again will have to wait a bit longer, Sorry (-ish)!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Update #3

Plan CPut of re-skinning again!

Today Linden Lab released the Materials update in viewer-release. I have wanted to play with this for a while now so thoughts are I'll merge it into UKanDo now (You know what they say - All work makes Connor a geek)! So I'm going to play a while.

The latest updates from viewer-release have been merged into UKanDo Dev. After the normal merge fixes which were no way as bad as I was expecting! It builds, logs in and stays in! So far nothing (yet) jumps out at me as busted! Which is always a bonus!

I have started work on re-skinning but it’s no way anywhere near ready, so for now it’s on a back-burner for a few days!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Update #2

Plan BAdd RLV Before re-skinning UKanDo.

I was asked more than a few times, if I could add RLV to the first viewer, the answer was always “I'll look into it”!
Ok now I have! I noticed that Marine Kelley developer of RLV Viewer had included some changes to the skin as well.

To my way of thinking, now would be a good time to merge the code from RLV Viewer into UKanDo! that way I only need to redo the skin once.
Also it’s probably a good idea to do it before I make too many changes to my code, as on first look RLV Viewer is not too far away from the viewer-release code as to make merging it easier while my code is the same!

I know those of you that wanted RLV added to UKanDo will now join me in saying a really big "Thank You!" to Marine Kelley for all the hard work she has put into the code for RLV, and for licensing it in such a way as to allow her code to be used in other Viewers!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Update #1

OK, the rebranding and rebadging is now done (apart from the bits I’m bound to have missed and will find over the coming months)!?

Next on the To-Do list is to bring the skin from the old viewer into the new one.
I’m hoping to make a start on this over the next few days? Once this is done, there are a few other things that need sorting, the first that comes to mind is the LL Updater which needs to be disabled then removed once I work out what it will break?

If you want to keep up with the code before the next update you can follow it in the Dev Repo Here.

And Finally... MP3 streaming has now been sorted!
After days of total failure, trying to get fmodEX to build on my machine, which clearly has something not installed on it that it needs?
Lance Corrimal (Developer of the Dolphin Viewer) has given the OK to use his built packages, so a big Thanx Mate goes out to Lance!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Greetings and Salutations!

Unlike the first version this NEW version of the UKanDo Viewer is solely for use within Second Life™ and is being totally rebuilt from the ground up with the latest LL viewer-release code as the starting point.

Most of the gadgets from the first version will be added along the way, and will include a few new ones that BlackRose Dayafter likes the sound of!

The code is on my machine and being worked on! As for when the first release will be ready? well, your guess is as good as mine! I'm doing what I can, when I can, as time allows! Hopefully it won't be too long, but time will tell! As I get closer to adding a working downloadable viewer it will be posted here.

For those who are interested, and wish to follow the code, checkout the Source Tracker. I won't be pushing  to the repo as often as i use to, and not until I'm 100% happy with that commit (as I hate having to back-out of a push) so although it might look like I'm not doing much! There may be a little more going on in the background than you think (Then again, there might not be)!