Tuesday, 27 August 2013

UKanDo Release 3.6.5

Release Note

This release includes the normal updates from LL v3.6.5 As well as fixes/updates from RLV v2.8.5.5

There are also several fixes courtesy of Cinder Roxley, so a big Thank you goes to Cinder for her work on these!

These a couple of new features added the main one being Flickr Uploads by Katharine Berry,
I'm so glad Katharine had this available for use! I’m a big fan of her work, it’s vary clean code and easy to work with so a really big Thanx goes out to Katharine!

Monday, 19 August 2013

UKanDo Release 3.6.4

Release Notes

This release includes updates from both LL viewer-release 3.6.4 and Marine Kelley’s RLV

I've also added the feature to Mute Individual Group Chat in the same way you would Mute Individual Group Notices!

Plus a few fixes. The main one being that RLV is now disabled by default with the RLV menu hidden [Avatar-> Preferences-> Setup] to Enable!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

UKanDo Release 3.6.3

Release Notes

Plenty of new features in this release plus updates from both LL viewer-release 3.6.3 and Marine Kelley’s RLV!

Plan for the next release is to not add anything new, these a lot of code brought over from the first version plus a fair amount of new features which weren't in it!

Although I test the code as I’m adding it, these bound to be some scenarios which I haven’t thought of, so as time allows I will spend it testing as much as I can.

Please do add anything you find to the Issue Tracker! You don’t need to sign up and can remain anonymous if you wish!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Other Platforms?

I'm starting to get InWorld IM’s and Contact Form emails asking the same question about other platforms.
It’s also been asked in the Forum so I've given a full answer there. Check it out!

The short answer is: Sorry Guys but although it would be great to be able to offer Mac and Linux versions, Windows is the best I can do for the foreseeable!