Thursday, 19 September 2013

UKanDo Release 3.6.7

Release Notes

This Release is mostly Fixes, Tweaks and Updates from Linden Lab, these a fair few so I’m kinda going to say that if your using an earlier version of UKanDo, Now really would be a good time to upgrade to this latest version!!

So what’s new?
Jessica Wabbit has released a patch to show the Group and Role UUID's and includes a Copy button for each.
This feature comes in handy for scripters and can be found in the group's General and Roles panels. So once again a Thank You goes out to Jess for this!

I also had a request to make it easier to hide mouseover hover-tips from objects InWorld. The code for this was already in the viewer but commented out? This has now been moved to the Advanced menu and is working again.

And Finally!
I appear to have had a larger than average Oops moment with the previous release, more precisely the MiniMap overhaul!

It turns out that the original MiniMap enhancement code which the overhaul was based on was written by Kitty Barnett for Catznip Viewer, With additional work by Cinder Roxley before being adapted from Firestorm!

First off, I would like to send my apologies to both Kitty and Cinder, for me not spotting this!
And then send both these Young Ladies a really BIG Thank You for all their work on the MiniMap enhancements code!

To update to this latest version you will need to download then install it, for the time being there is NO Auto update feature in UKanDo!