Thursday, 27 February 2014

UKanDo Release 3.7.2

Release Notes

We've added a couple of new features as well as a few fixes and tweaks! Plus the latest and greatest from the Lab to keep in line with LL Viewer release. Includes more updates from RLV viewer to keep in line with Marine’s releases. More details in the Release Notes.

Also worth a mention is from this release onwards, users have the option to download the Linden viewers default skin to replace the default UKanDo skin if you're one of the uses who would rather use that instead!

We decided to do it this way to save adding extra code to the viewer which would only be used once in a while, and to keep the viewer download size as low as possible! This way you only download the Linden Viewer Default skin As, When or If you want to use it!

The Linden Viewer Default skin is available for download from our Download page, and you can find an easy Step-by-Step How To guide in our Forum. Each new release will be version dependant! So as you download the latest viewer release you will also need to download the matching LL skin for that version!