Tuesday, 25 March 2014

UKanDo Release 3.7.4

Release Notes

As per norm, all the latest from the Lab, as well as fixes and tweaks from us. The biggest being:

UKanDo now has a New Default Skin, based on the icon set from Starlight skins Orb Blue. The Linden default skin is now included in the viewer install download, and can be changed from the Skin Selector menu which is now on the login panel (Don’t forget to restart the viewer after changing skins and B4 you login).

For those who liked the old skin, this has also been added back to the skin selector, and turns out that Starlight skins calls it Nostalgia Blue, so that’s carried over as the original skins name in the Skin Selector dropdown menu!

Once you're happy with the skin you want to use, you also have the option to hide the Skin Selector button from the login panel. You can find this option in Preferences -> Advanced. Also here you will find the option to hide the new Film menu (also from Starlight skin, then modified a little bit) from the top toolbar menu if you don’t use it (can also be found in Advanced top toolbar menu). These were added to de-clutter the viewer in an attempt to keep it as close to LL viewer as possible.

To that end it was also decided not to add the other starlight panels, as after testing with some of our users it was found to be to bigger change and was outside some users comfort zone.

The Preferences panel has also been re-worked, with the UKanDo tab being removed and the options from it being moved to existing panels (I never liked it).

The top toolbar UKanDo menu has also been better organized, and includes a WireFrame option as well as Kokua Viewer "Refresh Scene" option.

Dont forget to check our Release Notes for more Details!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

UKanDo Social Media Accounts

Due to an ISP and Router change I have not been able to login to my Facebook account? 4 weeks down the line and countless emails to Facebook support, it would appear that nothing is going to be done to sort this at their end!

So, a new Facebook account has had to be created, without being able to copy Likes over to it.

If you one of the users who Liked us on the old account Please feel free to like us again!

If you not one of these Users, you can now Like Us on our New Account! Go on! You know you want to!!

We have also re-branded our Twitter and Google+ accounts to UKanDo Viewer. So feel free to click Any/All links below so we can build them up again! Thank you from all at UKanDo!