Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Quick Update!

Been asked more than a few times now so about time I updated here!

UKanDo is still going strong and there will be new releases. The reason its taking longer than normal is I have a few RL work projects going on right now which are taking up most of my time but they pay the bills so have to take priority.

LL have also released 2000+ changes to the code which UKanDo is based on, and some of these are more than a PITA to merge!

Then there are new features and updates from RLV which also need to be added. So all in all, these a shed load of work to be done. I have made a start on all the above, be it a slow one!

I would like to Thank all UKanDo users for sticking with me and being patient! I will get the next release, including all LL and RLV updates out to you just as soon as I can!