Thursday, 18 September 2014

UKanDo 3.7.15 Release

Release Notes

A Whole shed load of New!! We are now totally up-to-date with both LL and RLV Viewers!
This was a really big merge, going from 3.7.6 to 3.7.15, but after testing it to a state of total boredom, we think we got it right, so here it is!

On top of that, there’s some new stuff from us which I started way back after the last release and before RL work got in the way!!

I did write a long post here in the hope it would be both interesting and well worth a read! I got half way through reading it myself only to discover it was neither (so much for that plan!). So, if you're interested checkout the Release Notes, if you’re not just download, install and enjoy!