Friday, 18 December 2015

UKanDo 4.0.0 Release

Release Notes

It’s out with the old, and in with the New! Gone is the LLQTWebKit Web media plugin to make room for a shiny new one based on the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) which now supports modern web technologies.

To view Flash content within UKanDo, you will need to install the compatible version of the Flash plugin! Checkout the Link Here to find out how!


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

UKanDo 3.8.6 Release

Release Notes

This is another maintenance release, which will merge the Labs latest Project Notice into UKanDo. Also includes fixes by Marine Kelley from RLV.


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

UKanDo 3.8.5 Release

Release Notes

Purely a maintenance release with over 90 fixes, improvements and feature requests added to the Linden viewer, now merged into UKanDo. Well worth the upgrade!


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

UKanDo 3.8.4 Release

Release Notes

Another maintenance release with a few little extras!

Been asked a load of times for some extra windlight skies for use with mesh avatars, so CalWL and a couple of Nam Optimal skies have been added in this release. As well as the option to disable the forced camera refocus on self-avatar-click.

After the merge with RLV users now have the option to increase texture memory!

But Please DO NOT just max out your video memory without knowing what you're doing, otherwise not only will you get texture thrashing, but your machine will explode into a million and 13 pieces, 12 of which will be blown into orbit, making UKanDo responsible for adding to the space junk already orbiting the earth!! Checkout the How-To in the forum to do it correctly!

Anyways, that’s enough from me! Enjoy!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

UKanDo 3.8.3 Released

Release Notes

This release really just keeps us up-to-date with SLV and all the Labs latest fixes!

For those of you who sail or fly and find the World Map a pain to use, we can now slide the legend off the side, so we can see a full map, which can now be re-sized a lot smaller than it used to be. Both of these, I think makes it more useable?

These changes come courtesy of Starlight skins, so again a big Thanx goes out to the Starlight Team!

Anyways here you go! Enjoy!!

Monday, 3 August 2015

UKanDo 3.8.2 Release

Release Notes

This release brings the Labs VMM code out from our beta version and into the main release channel.

I have also changed the way the setting.xml file works, all UKanDo settings which differ from SLV, this includes all RLV settings are now in their own file, this should make future merges cleaner and easier!
Because of this change, and I don’t say this often as no one ever listens!


If you don't, there is a really good chance you will have some problems with the viewer!

You have been warned!

For those of you into Combat RP, I have been asked plenty of times now for a nimble option, Alchemy’s was the easiest to add so a Big Thanx goes out again to Drake Arconis for his work!

Anyways here you go! Enjoy!!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

UKanDo 3.8.0 Release

Release Notes

Again, basically a maintenance release to keep up-to-date with both SLV and RLV.

This release includes both the Experience Tools from the Lab, and the new RestrainedLoveAvatarShadows options from Marine Kelley's RLV viewer, along with some audio improvements and fixes from Shyotl Kuhr and Drake Arconis.

Anyways here you go! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

UKanDo VMM 3.7.29 BETA


WOW... I was really surprised at how many people decided to give this version a go!

Seeing as it was a lot more than I thought, The least I could do was update it! So here’s the latest code from UKanDo release plus all the latest code from the Lab for their VMM project viewer (up to the date & time of this post).

Here you go folks.... Enjoy!

Sunday, 31 May 2015

UKanDo 3.7.29 Release

Release Notes

Basically a maintenance release to keep up-to-date with both SLV and RLV. These been a lot of changes but most of them are backend which you guys as users shouldn’t notice!

This release includes the layer limit changes from the Lab, now you can wear up to 60 layers of any mix and not just 5 of each! Handy for alphas when wearing Mesh!

Anyways here you go! Enjoy!!

Monday, 11 May 2015

UKanDo VMM 3.7.28 BETA


I've been asked a few times now about Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM), and I wanted to give it a go to! I might be old and past it, but I still like playing with new stuff!

So, if you’re a UKanDo user and want to take part in the Beta testing for VMM, now you can without having to use SLV.

This is a beta version of UKanDo, as in, it’s the latest version, but with the latest Beta VMM code added (as of the time and date of this post).

Although VMM is still beta, going by what I hear, it’s all going really well, so now might be a good time to get involved.

You will find that this beta version has a blue menu and status bar! This is a beta thing and nothing to do with VMM (before anyone starts IM-ing me!).

If you want to give it a go, you need to send your name to LL via a link near the bottom of your “Merchant Home” page. Once you've logged into Marketplace, click the My Marketplace link top right of the page.

This version will install alongside your current version and won’t overwrite it.

Your Thoughts! Your Views! Add them or just checkout our VMM Forum Thread!

Friday, 8 May 2015

UKanDo 3.7.28 Optional Update!


I’m not going to put this out as a Release, so it won’t auto update the version you’re using now!
You’ll have to do it the old fashion way! Download and install it yourself, using the above Download link not the Downloads page!
I also know I'm wasting my time saying Clean Install Recommend! but there, I said it anyways!!

This version uses the new tool-chain to build, LL changed the way the viewer is built (made, put together, packaged, you get it right? NOT the build tools used to push prims around inworld ;-P), with updated everything they could update (non techie description)! So really it’s all back-end changes which the user should not notice!? (beside the single button login screen that is).

I've been using it the last few days with no problems, so I’m putting it out there for those who would like to try it!

As this is not a Release there are no release notes but for those who just have to know, I have just updated by merging the code for SLV Release - (LL Release Notes).

As per my post below, this is Windows ONLY now!

UKanDo for Linux

The latest version for Linux, UKanDo will be my last release for the Linux OS.

The reason behind this is:
1. I know how to spell it!
2. I know it’s not Windows.
3. I know it comes in different flavours?

And that’s it! The grand total of my Linux knowledge!

I have no idea what-so-ever, how to build it, or fix anything which is a Linux only problem and doesn't affect the Windows version. Even then I won’t know if it fixed it for Linux or not?

I also don’t have the time or the hardware to learn anything about it! So for this reason it’s probably best I leave well alone!

There may well be others who pick up where I left off! If this is so, please bear in mind that they are NOT Official UKanDo versions! Even if they pull code from the UKanDo repo! I have no control over what code may or may not be added! If you use one of these Linux versions – YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

I would like to thank all the people who have used UKanDo for Linux up to this point! But would it really be fair to you if carried on work on an OS I know nothing about? I think Not!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

UKanDo 3.7.27 Released

Release Notes

OK, so here you go with the next round of updates!

This is basically a maintenance release to keep us up-to-date with both SLV and RLV Viewers.

These a few other little bits thrown in but nothing to shout about, and I wouldn't bother writing home to Mum about them!

Anyways, till the next time, TC and enjoy!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

UKanDo 3.7.26 Released

Release Notes

OK so here we go again! The latest and greatest from both Linden Lab and Marine Kelley, which brings us back up-to-date with both Viewers!

I have disabled the RLV start-up restriction feature by default. This feature causes the viewer to have a black screen for like ever when you first login with RLV enabled. I did this in the hope of stopping all the IM’s I was getting about it!
If this feature is important to you, you can re-enable it via the “RLVStartUpRestriction” Debug setting or the RLV tab under General in Prefernces!

Included in this release are a couple of fixes, one from Nicky Perian for RLVs "Replace Outfit" and one from Drake Arconis to fix the "nolink>" bug I kept getting IMs about! Also included is a requested feature for Ansariel Hiller's adding a confirmation when unlinking objects!

Once again I’d like to send out a Big Thank you to these Devs for their work, as well as to Marine Kelley for all her updates to RLV!

Also added is the Avatar Hover Height slider from the Lab, going by what I sorta read, even though you will clearly see this adjustment, if the viewer your M8s are using does not include the new code from LL, they will not see it! Just a little something to bear in mind!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

AMD Catalyst™ 15.3 Beta Drivers

Quote from AMD Site!
"Resolved Issues:
[413076] Second Life : Rigged mesh objects are not rendered correctly when hardware skinning is enabled in the in game settings"

If you are one of those who have used the workaround in my last Post!

As/When/If you update your AMD Driver to this Beta, or its release version when it comes out, you must remove the relevant .DLLs files from the UKanDo Viewer installation folder, or the viewer will revert to using them, rather than the driver’s newer .DLLs.

These .DLLs being:

atig6txx.dll - atigktxx.dll - atio6axx.dll and atioglxx.dll

You can delete these manually!

Or -

An easy way to do this is, go to your Start menu, then All Programs, then the UKanDo Viewer folder.
Use the “Uninstall UKanDo Viewer” from the folder. After the uninstaller has run it will tell you it has found some files left in the UKanDo Folder and ask if you wish these to be removed? Click “Yes”.

Then reinstall UKanDo Viewer once you have updated to AMD Catalyst 15.3 Drivers.

Friday, 6 March 2015

AMD Catalyst Driver Issues

If like me you’re running a couple of AMD ATI Graphics cards, and finally got around to updating the drivers, you may well find that any rigged mesh you’re wearing no longer shows, and you have a problem with shadows!

After searching the inter-web thingy for a while, I found an answer on Inara Pey's Living in a Modem World Blog!

You can read all about it in Inara’s Post Here! Which includes a workaround for Windows by Yoho Waco! (Tested and works great on Windows 7 x64)
With the download file from Apollo Scribe (fixes Shadows too!), which I have Added Here!

Basically, you need to DOWNLOAD the file.
Close your viewer.
Unzip it to "C:\Program Files (x86)\UKanDoViewer"
Restart your viewer!

A REALLY big THANK YOU goes out to:
Inara Pey, for the post!
Yoho Waco, for the workaround!
Apollo Scribe, for the files!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

UKanDo 3.7.24 Released

Release Notes

OK so I was wrong! It doesn't look like there is anything new coming from the Lab this week!
Having said that, odds are, as soon as I release this version the Lindens will go push something new!!

But, Such is Life! So why wait, UKanDo 3.7.24 is sitting here done, so why would I sit on it any longer?

This version is one big catch up release, and is now, fully up to date with both SLV and RLV, as of the date of this post.

Anyways, I’m still no better at writing these things, so, until I get around to improving my blogging skills...
Go download, Install and Enjoy!

Important Note

If you find, after installing version 3.7.24 of UKanDo, you are getting Less FPS than you use to?

He explains why, how to fix it and what LL has done!

Monday, 2 February 2015

A Quick Update!

I have just returned to the UK a Married Man, after spending 3 months in the States. So now my SL Partner is also my RL Partner! (Well, it had to be done, so she kept telling me!!)

I just spent two days working on the viewer, and am now up to date (2nd Feb) with both LL and RLV. LL are about due to push their next updates so I’m holding off on a release until I see what they go with!

I’m told that they are close to a release with the new build tools for windows, VS 2013 for those of you who care! I have not had the time to setup my build server with all the new stuff yet, so if the next push from LL is the new build tools, I will release the current version 3.7.24.

If their next update is not a VS2013 build, I will add the updates, then release that!

Keep checking back for any news! And Thanx all for your patience, and bearing with me!