Monday, 2 February 2015

A Quick Update!

I have just returned to the UK a Married Man, after spending 3 months in the States. So now my SL Partner is also my RL Partner! (Well, it had to be done, so she kept telling me!!)

I just spent two days working on the viewer, and am now up to date (2nd Feb) with both LL and RLV. LL are about due to push their next updates so I’m holding off on a release until I see what they go with!

I’m told that they are close to a release with the new build tools for windows, VS 2013 for those of you who care! I have not had the time to setup my build server with all the new stuff yet, so if the next push from LL is the new build tools, I will release the current version 3.7.24.

If their next update is not a VS2013 build, I will add the updates, then release that!

Keep checking back for any news! And Thanx all for your patience, and bearing with me!