Saturday, 21 March 2015

AMD Catalyst™ 15.3 Beta Drivers

Quote from AMD Site!
"Resolved Issues:
[413076] Second Life : Rigged mesh objects are not rendered correctly when hardware skinning is enabled in the in game settings"

If you are one of those who have used the workaround in my last Post!

As/When/If you update your AMD Driver to this Beta, or its release version when it comes out, you must remove the relevant .DLLs files from the UKanDo Viewer installation folder, or the viewer will revert to using them, rather than the driver’s newer .DLLs.

These .DLLs being:

atig6txx.dll - atigktxx.dll - atio6axx.dll and atioglxx.dll

You can delete these manually!

Or -

An easy way to do this is, go to your Start menu, then All Programs, then the UKanDo Viewer folder.
Use the “Uninstall UKanDo Viewer” from the folder. After the uninstaller has run it will tell you it has found some files left in the UKanDo Folder and ask if you wish these to be removed? Click “Yes”.

Then reinstall UKanDo Viewer once you have updated to AMD Catalyst 15.3 Drivers.