Tuesday, 24 March 2015

UKanDo 3.7.26 Released

Release Notes

OK so here we go again! The latest and greatest from both Linden Lab and Marine Kelley, which brings us back up-to-date with both Viewers!

I have disabled the RLV start-up restriction feature by default. This feature causes the viewer to have a black screen for like ever when you first login with RLV enabled. I did this in the hope of stopping all the IM’s I was getting about it!
If this feature is important to you, you can re-enable it via the “RLVStartUpRestriction” Debug setting or the RLV tab under General in Prefernces!

Included in this release are a couple of fixes, one from Nicky Perian for RLVs "Replace Outfit" and one from Drake Arconis to fix the "nolink>" bug I kept getting IMs about! Also included is a requested feature for Ansariel Hiller's adding a confirmation when unlinking objects!

Once again I’d like to send out a Big Thank you to these Devs for their work, as well as to Marine Kelley for all her updates to RLV!

Also added is the Avatar Hover Height slider from the Lab, going by what I sorta read, even though you will clearly see this adjustment, if the viewer your M8s are using does not include the new code from LL, they will not see it! Just a little something to bear in mind!