Friday, 8 May 2015

UKanDo 3.7.28 Optional Update!


I’m not going to put this out as a Release, so it won’t auto update the version you’re using now!
You’ll have to do it the old fashion way! Download and install it yourself, using the above Download link not the Downloads page!
I also know I'm wasting my time saying Clean Install Recommend! but there, I said it anyways!!

This version uses the new tool-chain to build, LL changed the way the viewer is built (made, put together, packaged, you get it right? NOT the build tools used to push prims around inworld ;-P), with updated everything they could update (non techie description)! So really it’s all back-end changes which the user should not notice!? (beside the single button login screen that is).

I've been using it the last few days with no problems, so I’m putting it out there for those who would like to try it!

As this is not a Release there are no release notes but for those who just have to know, I have just updated by merging the code for SLV Release - (LL Release Notes).

As per my post below, this is Windows ONLY now!