Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Updates. Or lack of?

I should have said something sooner maybe!

At the moment RL is getting in the way! Work to be more precise.
I’m working away from home a lot which means I have no access to my build server or time to use it.

The fact that some have seen me online means I can login to SL even though I have no access to my server! Like you, all I need to login is a laptop and a viewer, so although I can’t build a viewer I can still use one!

So what’s the plan I hear you ask. And yes, I do have one!

I’m likely to be working a lot for the next few months so there won’t be any updates to UKanDo in that time. Taking that into account and the fact there are a lot on new toys being added to the viewer, I’ve come up with a cunning plan!

Over the last two years, after many merges, there has been a lot of little problems creep into the code. The bigger things have been fixed there and then but the little niggles which you lot probably didn’t notice just got added to a list. Which has got longer and longer!

So when I do get back to some sort of normality, I’m going to start again! With a new fresh copy of the linden codebase. That in itself should sort out 98% of the Niggle list, while adding all the new stuff from the Lab, and if my timing is right, it should also bring in the 64 bit build for windows!

Over the next few months and linden updates, UKanDo will probably become less and less usable, I’m sorry about that but RL has got to come first, but I will start to put it all right again just as soon as I can!