UKanDo (Pronounced: U-can-do), is based on the latest viewer-release code supplied by Linden Lab™.

UKanDo started its life as a personal Viewer for Me, my Partner and a few Friends to use in OSG.
As word got out, it started to get a fair few new users. Many of these wanted to know why SL™ was not on the grid list. Which made it a lot harder to use in SL™.
Because this question started to pop up often, I decided to totally rewrite it from the ground up for use in Second life™.

To stay true to the early version, all I plan to do is add the features we use to the LL codebase. Which in itself is fast, lite and usable, but missing a lot of useful features. Then give it the look and feel we want it to have! That way we end up with a viewer with only the extras we use, but without all the extra code which will just sit there using resources but won’t see the light of day as I never use them.

So keeping that in mind, It won’t have all the gadgets and gizmos some of the bigger viewers have, the aim is to keep it as lite as possible with only the fixes, gadgets and gizmos we need to keep the Viewer stable and up-to-date! The Avatar happy! And to aid with building!

Why release it for others to use?
Why not! Viewer choice is personal, some religiously stick to one viewer. Others use different viewers for different tasks. Some just like to try other viewers. But, whatever the reason we use the viewer we use, it’s still nice to have a choice! UKanDo is just that, one more to choose from!
(Like other viewers, it comes with its very own uninstaller)!

Why add it to the Third Party Viewer Directory?
Some people only feel comfortable trying viewers which are on the list, some don’t mind if it’s on the list or not. So once again, it’s all about maximizing the user’s choice!

So, if you have an overwhelming urge to try UKanDo, Please feel free!