Latest Version - UKanDo Release (Friday 18th March 2016)
Release Notes

(SHA1 Checksum: 465a66f51ceabc6c575ba109e53c2b2a4d964d22)

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By Downloading, installation and using UKanDo Viewer you explicitly agree you have read and understand the below Disclaimers.

UKanDo Viewer is not provided or supported by Linden Lab®, the makers of Second Life®.

1. Origin and support:
UKanDo Viewer is an Open Source, third party viewer for Second Life®. It is maintained by Connor Monaron (Second Life avatar name), maker of the UKanDo (UKD) Products in Second Life.
Should you want to compile the viewer yourself, or make changes to any of the code, you can fork or download the source code from Here.
I do not provide support in any way, shape or form for compiling the viewer.

Support for UKanDo viewer is provided exclusively through the UKanDo Viewer Forum Support Section, or the UKanDo Viewer InWorld Group. Please check the Support Page for more details.

2. Updates and version control:
UKanDo uses the Linden Lab® Viewer Version Manager (VVM) system for automatic updates and version management. As a user you have the option to set automatic or manual updates from Preferences-> Setup-> Software updates.

VVM is also used to control which versions can or can’t login to Second Life®. The versions which can login are the Current Release plus the previous version, all versions before these are blocked! One side effect to this is as a new version is released the older previous version will then become a blocked version.

VVM works well, but as with any computer system, sometimes it might not work as it should. Therefore, it is still your responsibility to check regularly that you are using the latest version of UKanDo Viewer!

3. Privacy policy:
No data whatsoever is collected or sent to the author of this viewer. Data is however stored on your hard disk and exchanged with the Second Life® servers when you connect to the Grid, in the exact same way as an official Second Life viewer would do.
Full details of this sites Privacy policy is viewable via the link at the bottom of every page on this site.

4. Limitations and Functionality:
UKanDo Viewer includes RLV code which is Disabled by default! If enabled RLV is aimed at providing Second Life scripts the ability to restrict some abilities such as chatting, teleporting, detaching objects as well as any and all other RLV options within Second Life™.
UKanDo Viewer does not contain any Adult content in itself. However, due to the fact it is RLV enabled, it is bound to be used by some users in a way that is meant for Mature and Adult purposes

5. Liability:
As a user of this viewer, you must also comply with the Second Life Terms of Service when you connect with this viewer to the Second Life grid, I take no responsibility whatsoever for any bugs or shortcomings that you would abuse or exploit in any way to violate the Second Life Terms of Service., or to violate the TPV policy of Second Life.
You download, install and use UKanDo Viewer completely at your own risk!