We have started an inworld group UKanDo Viewer as well as a new Support Section in the Forum!
Support is still very limited but we will do what we can to help.

We're hoping that as more start to use UKanDo they will join the Group and use the forum, as this happens the plan is that the support will get better with users helping each other out when we are not around!

Reporting of bugs or other problems can be submitted to our Sourceforge Issue Tracker** which unfortunately you will now need to create a basic account, then login to Create a Ticket.

Suggestions and Feature Requests can be added on the Forum!

** Before you report any bugs!
I am but One! So Please...
Make sure your problem only occurs when using UKanDo!
To determine this, log into Second Life™ using the Current Official Second Life™ viewer and see if your problem persists.
If it does, then file a support ticket with Linden Lab™.

If the problem only occurs when you are using UKanDo, check that you have the latest version installed. If not, download and install it, and then see if the problem continues.

** Before you report any bugs with RLV
OK I'll admit it! I've never used RLV so not really sure what it is, what it does or how it does it! So I just know adding it will come back and bite me some day!

So, if you think you have found a bug within RLV I’m going to ask you to do two little things!
  • Download and install then re-log using the latest current version of Marine Kelley's RLV Viewer Available Here!
If your problem persists:
  • Please check the Issue Tracker for RLV Viewer Here! Then and only then, let me know what you find!
I’m hoping against hope, that with a lot of luck, this info will give me some idea where to make a start?